1. Information


    We work with architects and designers to identify any hidden or over-looked costs, ensuring homeowners have accurate and valuable information resulting in projects being brought in on time and on budget. No matter what your building needs you can rely on us to provide you with insightful ideas and helpful solutions.

  2. Sub Contractors

    General Contractors employ sub contractors in order to remain competitive. Few companies can afford a full time staff of all the tradesmen necessary to complete a project. Therefore, a construction company is only as good as the sub contractors it employs. At Canova Construction our sub contractors have been with us as long as 20 years. We are a family of craftsmen that depend on each other to complete their part of the work in a timely and professional manner so that we all can enjoy continued success.

  3. Hand Selection


    We hand select all our lumber choosing the best framing and finishing materials available. We often use a higher grade lumber than what is called for. We nail, screw and glue what is beyond expected to ensure a projects longevity.

  4. Estimation

    In estimating a renovation project there is no x-ray vision for what lies behind the walls and under the floors, but experience is a guide into what we may encounter. We inform all our customers about these potentially latent conditions in an effort to avoid unforeseen costs. We inform all our customers of any unfavorable structural or mechanical conditions that may develop during the course of remodeling that have not been previously discussed. In most instances, fixing these problems at our cost.

  5. Protection

    We protect floors using ¼" hardboard, lighting fixtures and valuables that need to remain during renovations in custom made plywood boxes, and contain dust with plastic tents. No matter what the project we allow for time at the end of every day to clean and make sure all debris are contained.

  6. Cost


    Homeowners pricing renovations generally receive a broader range in costs than in new construction. General contractors who don't have confidence in this field often times either over or under estimate the amount of time required to complete the project, resulting in a price that is to high or to low to adequately finish. New construction is generally priced by the square foot and while that number varies most contractors are aware of the current costs which results in bids much closer to the actual costs.

    When you contract with Canova Construction you'll receive a detailed proposal and an itemized Schedule of Values (AIA Document) which breaks down the contract price into the many different phases of construction and assigns a cost value to each so you pay and get credited as the job progresses. This eliminates the need for large unsecured payments.

    Changes of Work Orders (AIA Document) are used to put into writing the changes and the costs associated with those changes. These changes can either increase or decrease the scope and cost of the job. We make every effort to be up front and honest by reviewing material and labor costs in advance of the changes. We minimize the financial impact on you in the event of an increase, or fairly rebate you in the case of a decrease.