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Many of our renovation projects require us to remove all of an existing buildings components back to the structural frame, often times as in the case of home construction we are also required to build additions onto the renovation. Renovation more than any other type of construction requires the most amount of experience and skill. The knowledge and effort required in attaching new materials to the old to achieve a seamless transition into whatever style, historic, modern or the existing is where Canova Construction excels and separates itself from other contractors. At Canova Construction we pride ourselves on our renovation abilities.

In new construction interpreting a one dimensional plan into a three dimensional structure is where the challenge lies. Design problems can develop as the building evolves and how to resolve those problems takes an experienced team of construction professionals. The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright is quoted as saying "An architect's best tool is his eraser." At Canova Construction we feel our best tool is our creativity in finding design solutions.